Ethics & Sustainability

With Ducko situated at the foot of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountain, we are constantly reminded by this gentle giant how precious life in our environment is.

Consequently, we strive to practice sustainable farming by working towards leaving only the smallest carbon footprint within a socially conscientious structure. It is one of the most important aspects of our business and a constant consideration with every decision we make.

Currently we utilise all parts of the duck, including the manure and feathers, leaving very little to go to waste. We have a natural water clearing plant, and recycle waste water for irrigation on the paddocks. Needless to say, we only use certified biodegradable detergents and cleaning agents. Where possible, we buy local produced grains to reduce transport. Every step of the process flow is done on the farm, minimising carbon emissions as much as possible. A Photovoltaic Energy harvesting system, which currently provides a third of our electricity, is an ongoing expansion project of high priority. We encourage packaging developers to be innovative in reducing packaging materials without compromising food safety or quality.

Our independently audited free-range ducks are hatched and reared on our farm. We subscribe to the five freedoms of animal welfare, in keeping our ducks free from hunger and thirst, free from abnormal discomfort by providing adequate shelter, free from abnormal pain, injury or disease, free from fear and distress, and allowing for the freedom to express their natural behaviour. Our ducks have ample space to roam, dabble and play with water unhindered. They are kept in well maintained and ventilated houses that allow them to bathe in the winter sunlight, yet protect them form the harsh summer heat. Our biosecurity measures endeavour to protect the ducks from diseases, including Avian Influenza. They are closely monitored for any abnormal behaviour or signs of discomfort. Our grain based fodder is milled, mixed and pelleted on the farm, ensuring our ducks only digest the best quality ingredients, prepared freshly and according to scientifically researched recipes. We do not add animal by-products, routine antibiotics or growth-hormones but only feed them with natural goodness, allowing for natural and healthy growth.